Food Lover, Travel Enthusiast, Writer, Comedian and outspoken Texan Matthew Kuehn Miller takes his audience on a road trip to America’s greatest cities and towns in search of the food, fun and good folk that make America great. With few exceptions, every episode includes breakfast, lunch and dinner… with a couple cool attractions in between. Though Season 1 was shot exclusively in Texas, Matthew wants to spend future seasons exploring other states and countries, always seeking out transplanted Texans who have found a unique love for their new home.




Host Matthew Miller has been a Texas based Television & Film Producer, writer and actor for over 20 years. Matt’s writing ability as well as his knack for cutting up for the camera has won him multiple awards for short films, both here and abroad.


Though born in Houston Texas, Matthew began traveling at an early age when his father worked in Saudi Arabia’s Oil Fields. The decade long experience of living overseas left Matt with a good world view as he returned home to Texas to finish schooling and start his career in television and film.

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